Freestanding Tents

Freestanding tent
Event Tent
Marquee Tent

Losberger Freestanding tents (Marquee tents) are used for many applications, from events to temporary storage facilities. The tents are available in 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m span, and up to 150m long).

Stretch/Bedouin Tents

Stretch Tents
Bedouin Tents
Stretch Tent Hire
Bedouin Tent Hire

100% waterproof and available in different colours. Our staff looks at the weather forecast to ensure your tents is setup correct.


Instant Flooring
Flooring Hire
Grey Interlocking Floor

Grey Interlocking Flooring is used on surface where dust and mud can become a problem during your event

Dance Floors

Dance Floor Hire
Dance Floor Purchase
Wedding Dance Floor Hire

Our dance floors come in black & white, white only or black only. We provide dance floors per m2, and can be used on solid surfaces or lawn.


AC Hire
Air Conditioning Hire

From 75 000 BTU to 120 000 BTU units will keep you cool during the summer. These units can be installed in an hour making them easy to us.

Fairy Lights

Fairy Light Hire

We stock gold white, as well as ice white fairy lights. This makes all weddings magical.

VIP Toilet Units

Toilet Hire
VIP Toilet Hire

We supply VIP Toilet Units, available in 2 toilet and 4 toilet configuration. These units have flushing toilets and washing basins.

Generator Hire

Generator Hire

Super silent to open units, ranging from 10KVA to 250 KVA units are available. 

Glass Doors & Sides

Freestanding Tent
Tent Hire

We stock glass doors and glass sides for most of our Freestanding Tents ensuring a clear view of the beautiful venue surroundings

Fridge Hire

Fridge Hire

Nothing can compare to a ice cold drink at an event. Single and double door fridge for hire

Bar Counters

Bar Counter Hire

LED Bar Counters will enlighten your guest at your next event. We supply counters in round and straight design and has also been used before for welcoming and DJ counters

Outdoor Gas Heaters


Need to keep warm in winter time while your event is on? We have the solution for a cold day. Our Outdoor Gas Heaters can heat for a minimum of 10 hours on one 9KG LPG gas cylinder